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Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Designed for Safety, 2 Stage Sharpening, Black


Kitchen Knife Sharpener - Designed for Safety, 2 Stage Sharpening, Black

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KITCHEN KNIVES AND POCKET KNIVES - Though the sharpener is primarily designed for steel, straight bladed kitchen knives, it can work equally effectively on pocket knives. It should NOT be used on ceramic or serrated blades.

TWO SHARPENING MODES - For an overly blunt knife set simply pass the blade several times through the Tungsten Carbide coarse blades and the knife will be sharpened with ease. After running the knife through the course rods, you can touch it up by running it through the Ceramic fine rods OR if you have a sharp knife already that just needs that extra little touch up, then just passes the blade through the fine rods only. Perfect for steak knives.

DESIGNED FOR SAFETY - For safety this your number 1 choice. What matters most, it has been designed specifically to protect YOU! Unlike many other devices on the market, the Wrenwane sharpener has a large grip handle that allows you to effortlessly hold the knife sharpener steady during the sharpening process. Additionally, the feet are non-slip, so the sharpener will not slide over the work bench either making this device extremely safe to use. Every chef will be happy with this sharpener.

ATTRACTIVE AND LIGHT-WEIGHT - Let's face it, most manual knife sharpeners are ugly and certainly are not the sort of tool you would leave out on the kitchen work surface. However, the Wrenwane kitchen knife sharpener has been designed in such a way to give it an attractive look so that you can always leave it out alongside your other kitchen tools. Dimensions 190x60x50 millimeters.

TOUGH AND DURABLE - This professional knife sharpener tool is made of hard plastic, so you can drop it as many times as you want, it won't break and will last for years.

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